Customer Testimonials

Easy to Organize Family Files!

“Some months ago, I purchased your Record Keeping Software. I have to report that it worked wonderfully! I didn't have any problems with putting in whatever I needed to.

"The Personal Cards section was useful for a lot of things, membership, credit cards, rewards cards.

"I'm working now on scanning wills and other documents to put in there. I printed off a copy of what I already had and was amazed at how much there was.

"So along with this, I'm writing a letter with information for whoever has to go deal with all this stuff, called READ ME FIRST.txt and there will be instructions with my lawyer to go first to PERKS to find out what else to do about many things. I'm using it as the centerpiece because it is so easy to use!

“I find because you don't use jargon and use the standard terms for things, it works very well for Canada.

“I was going to wait to write till I had a lot of examples, but realized I would never write in that case. I started inputting right away after I bought it and it was fun. I just kept on going, entering stuff and finally had to go to bed as it was quite early in the morning.

“It is easy to use and very intuitive. I tried others before picking yours and none of them were that easy to use and intuitive. Well done!”........ Darlene D. (August 5, 2019)

Fast Customer Support!

"Thanks Buzz, the program is working fine this morning. I'm impressed with your rapid response to my inquiry and your feed back. This is an excellent program and one which every person with a computer should have and keep updated."........Gene H. (February 28, 2018)

"Buzz, That did the trick. Thanks so much. This has saved me a bunch of work. I really like the program. It is definitely worth the money!........John L. (December 17, 2020)

"We are looking at your software for our needs. Yours is practical and simple for us and I liked how the LLC was founded. The sample screen shots on your home page are very useful. I was able to see how clean the entries are and easy to input my information. I do have a question. Can I do a data “Back Up” onto another device like a 2nd hard drive and/or a USB drive? I think it’s special to be able to contact you for advice. The others software companies not so much." Thank you,........ Steve D. (January 30, 2021)

View and Print Individual Family Files!

“I think we’ve got it. I have viewed and printed all screens and backed up my file. Looks good!!! I haven’t yet restored the file but I am sure things should be OK from here.

“Thank you for all your help. I really do like your program. Great Work!”........D. McFadyen (November 15, 2017)