Organize and Protect Your Family Files with Easy to Use Record Keeping Software


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Record Keeping Categories:

  • Banking
  • Credit Cards
  • Educational History
  • Employment History
  • Housing
  • Insurance Policies
  • Investment History
  • Military Service Record
  • Medical History
  • Personal Property Inventory
  • Other Real Estate
  • Vehicles and Maintenance
  • Vital Documents
  • Warranties
  • Your Final Wishes & Survivor's Tasklist

Family Management Software

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Your vital family information will be organized, secure and easy to access.

Click on the image below for the military version of our record keeping software.

Military Emergency Record Keeping Software

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Emergencies occur without warning!

  • Every 34 seconds a person in the U.S. will die from heart disease!
  • Every 45 seconds someone in the U.S. will suffer a stroke!
  • Every year over 40,000 are killed in automobile accidents!
  • Every year an average of 1,000 tornados are recorded!
  • Every year an estimated 399,800 residences burn!

Give your family access to the information they might need to:

  • File insurance claims.
  • Re-establish financial accounts.
  • Rebuild lost records.
  • Recreate medical history
  • Act on your behalf.

Keep your files portable and safe.

Store your database in the cloud or on a flash drive in your safe deposit box.

Our software makes it easy.

Act now before the unexpected happens.

JOHNS CREEK May 18, 2016 -- Family Management Software LLC has been selected for the 2016 Best of Johns Creek Award in the Prepackaged Software category by the Johns Creek Award Program.